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What is the plus I get with a Tenshibag bag/backpack?

At Tenshibag, we only work with very durable, high-quality materials and the most robust fastenings possible. In addition, we check each piece individually, several times, so that you receive an excellent product, whether it is a card holder or a limited edition Roll&Roll backpack.

The end result of the thorough preparation and manufacturing process is a very durable product that you can use for a lifetime and hopefully like it as much as when you first got your hands on it.


Which bag/backpack should I choose?

If you sometimes want to slip a laptop into your bag, or go on a longer hike then the Mini Backpack can be a good choice. If you need room for even more stuff, line up the Tibo Bag or Citybag, and for a massive shopping trip, use the Shopper Bag.

As an expectant mother, Tenshibaby can be your personal superhero: you can wear it on your back, shoulder, hand or in a stroller, it can hold all the necessary baby things, and it's also flashy enough to continue its life as a normal accessory.

And for long-distance packing, use the Roll&Roll backpack!


Can Tenshibag bags also hold their own as hand luggage?

We are also lovers of travel, so it is an important aspect of the design to make certain of our Tenshibag backpacks in 'Cabin Size' size. Since we know that traveling often causes headaches, mostly because of packing, we wanted to provide a solution to this problem.

What we recommend: Roll&Roll Backpack, Citybag, Tibobag, Tenshibaby

Not every airline's free hand luggage service allows you to take the classic backpack size onto the plane. The size classifications change from time to time, so always check the current baggage size regulations HERE before shopping or traveling


What is the difference between Roll&Roll and Limited Backpack?

We assure everyone that there is nothing in terms of quality! Both are made from durable materials and each piece is handcrafted. The difference is that the Limited version has been upgraded in terms of design, and instead of the classic YKK plastic buckles, we have provided metal hangers, and the main buckle is made with the AustrinAlpin climbing Cobra buckle.

In addition, the leather details were given more emphasis, so the pocket, the roll part and the shoulder strap also got an extra appearance due to the cowhide insert.

The Limited version is the perfect combination of a sporty and elegant appearance due to its clean lines.


How do I clean my Tenshibag?

Our bags can be made of PTP truck tarpaulin, leather and softshell materials. We make their insides with a tarpaulin, so if anything spills inside, you can simply clean it with a damp cloth. If the outside of your bag needs a little cosmetic work, that can also be easily done. In the case of leather and pineapple material, only wipe the bag with a soft, damp cloth, on the parts that need cleaning. Do not rub the bag as this can fluff the material.

Always clean surfaces with a soft cloth. If your bag is made of PTP/tarpaulin material, you can even put it in the washing machine for a gentle 30~ degree wash. Do not centrifuge, as this may break the material! In any case, make sure to dry the bag in the open state, and until it is dry between the layers as well. (this usually takes 2-3 days). Do not dry the bag in the hot sun, which can fade the color of the bag.


Are Tenshibag backpacks waterproof or water resistant?

Yes, they are! Of course, there is a difference between wanting to keep your belongings safe in torrential rain, or wanting to swim across Lake Balaton with our bag on your back. In the case of the former, you have nothing to worry about, but in the case of the latter, there may be problems with wetting. Since the bags are not made with a welded process, but with sewing technology, they are classified as water resistant rather than waterproof.


Does the Tenshibag team also think about sustainability?

Maybe it's cliché, but we really believe that our backpacks, bags, and even our accessories have a soul and are meant to last a lifetime. That is why we try to create them as thoughtfully as possible, whether it is a series product or a personalized, unique piece.

Since the establishment of Tenshibag the reduction of production waste, the exclusion of unnecessary processes, in addition to the production of the most durable product, have been a consideration. We use a just-in-time system for procurement, so we do not accumulate raw materials unnecessarily, and of course we design and manufacture our products carefully, while minimizing waste.

What does not need to be thrown away does not become waste, which is why the durability of the products, their lifetime usability, in addition to taking individual needs into account, is extremely important to us. In addition, we offer continuous repair, renovation, and soon recycling options, so that all usable elements are returned to the material cycle.

If we rationalize in production and sales, we have done so in operation as well. That is why we voted for the 'flat' organizational structure with a small but sufficient number of employees and the home office - this includes the workshop - so there is no longer any need to maintain an office or a separate workshop, which may seem trivial, but all this in addition to our costs it also reduces our carbon footprint per product.